Website Video Analysis and Review

Thank you for your interest in having your website reviewed and learning more about how your business website stacks in relation to competition and why your website is not on page 1 of Google for some of the key terms for your business.

Once you submit the informational form below, we’ll get the video analysis over to you in about 2 business days or faster, which will review your website in video and provide you tremendous value about your website, market and competition. We need as much information as possible to give you the most accurate information and customized review.

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Here are some F.A.Q about our video review process.

Why are you qualified to be able to analyze my website and competition?

We are ranking number one in one of the top 10 cities in the United States and it is no easy task to accomplish this without a proper analysis of where our website is and where it needs to be to beat the competition. You can read more about how we achieved our number one ranking in organic results in our LinkedIn post here


Why Do I need to fill this form to get my free video analysis?

We appreciate the time and effort you put into filling this form as it will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. We need this information for these reasons:

  • We want this video analysis to be beneficial to your business and for getting new customers. It is important for us to understand your target market, services and goals to be able to accomplish this. It is similar to a form you fill before you see your doctor, so that the doctor could help you better. Client information gathering is a key component of any consulting business and is industry best practice in Seo, in cases where we make recommendations.
  • We would spend our time and years of our expertise to create this video for free to provide you the best value. As you know, there is a lot of spam online and we want to separate the business owners serious about their success from the tire-kickers. If a business is not willing to take 10 – 15 minutes to think strategically about their business, we wonder about their focus and commitment to more success.


Why is this video analysis different from other free site analysis offers I am constantly getting?

  • This video analysis is different than other site analysis offers because this is custom built for your business goals, target customers and services. It is not automated like other site analysis documents. It is a video where I will share my screen and speak as you watch me over the shoulder when I am analyzing your site and sharing some insights on why you are not on page 1 and why your competition is. There is nothing wrong about getting a site analysis, we actually offer that automated analysis through a software partner too, which you can obtain immediately here. However, video analysis will be at least 10 times more helpful.


Why is this video analysis service free? Doesn’t it require individual attention and time which costs money?

  • Yes, it does cost time and money since we not only invest our time; but also share findings from third party tools, and it costs money to run reports. We are offering this free because in case both you and we identify business value from an Seo campaign and see a good fit to work together to implement some of the recommended actions in our video analysis, we can grow our business in parallel with your business too.
  • Seo is not for every business and it may also be that there is not a good fit or the timing is not right for working together, in that case it still provides us pleasure to learn about your business and suggest recommendations for growth through digital marketing. If you get value from our video analysis and recommendations and learn more about your competition and market in the process, we don’t see that as any time or money wasted from our perspective since we focus on building long term relationships to build a sustainable business.