Blaze New Media Internet Marketing Program Overview


We have developed a robust online marketing SYSTEM that provides an end to end solution to generate more traffic, conversions and leads for your business. Here’s an overview of the 6 Steps of our unique system, composed of three core themes.

Build & Rank

STEP 1: Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines and Build the Important Pages for Seo

A typical website concerning a small and medium business usually has about 5-6 website pages. The pages often include About Us, Home, Contact Us, Our Services and sometimes a Coupons page. These possible website pages are not enough alone for you to be ranked above the competitors in your area or locality. The reason is that potential customers usually input keywords that are different but relate to the service that your business offers, and you would need pages specific to address these keywords. The more targeted you are with your pages, the more optimized you will be for search engines. Many people think that websites rank in searches engines. Actually, website PAGES rank in search engines. It could be a homepage or an inner page. For example, Blaze New Media ranks #1 for San Jose Seo; but the page that ranks is , this is optimized for San Jose Seo as you can see from the url of the ranking page.

There are different approaches that we can implement to build and significantly boost the rank of your website. It is possible for any page on your website to be optimized by employing the use of two/three keywords. Moreover, there exist hundreds of keywords and it is possible to combine them in many different ways, from any location which a potential customer may input them if he/she is searching for the particular services you offer; but the important thing is to focus on the highest value keywords. We incorporate various keywords into your website based on keyword value calculated as monthly search volume and CPC. We finalize the important keywords to focus on during our initial client meetings.

We are also able to optimize your website according to the various sub-cities, 10-15, that exist in your particular geographic location. We are able to build website pages which constitute combinations of the particular geographic terms. This is to make sure that your website has Google indexation (descriptions, anchor text updating and Meta titles) specific to these cities if you are serving multiple cities. This tactic was an important part of our strategy to rank our website page #1 in Google for San Jose Seo.

We frequently post information on your website that provides useful information in your profession. Through unique and engaging content published on your website, specific to your geographical location and business, you are able to enhance the credibility of your business and improve your online presence. It is important to keep your website fresh and updated. Blog posting at least four times a month is a part of our Seo package and an important component of our Seo strategy.

STEP 2: Ranking Your Website by Content Marketing and Quality Link Building 

Once your website has been optimized and continues to be updated as discussed above, the most important factor having an impact how higher your website is able to be ranked higher in search result pages is the inbound links quality number. Inbound links are simply other website links back to your website. We are capable of implementing a strategy that is effective to help your website get quality inbound links. Blog outreach and link building have to be natural and effective. We have built strong experience while ranking hundreds of websites, including our own website for San Jose Seo and many other related words.

Our inbound links building strategies include:

  • Creating and distributing content that is rich in quality on your behalf. These content include videos, articles, images and blog posts, etc. The publishers of these quality content will provide a link back to your website. In some cases, these relevant blogs in your sector charge for posting a blog with a link to your website. Our Seo package includes all costs related to posting fees for these websites.
  • Competitive links acquisition. This is an effective strategy for link building to enhance the ranking of your website at the top of search engines results pages. We scrutinize the top 10 competitors situated in your geographical area and unmask their links sources, companies or websites linking to them, and the link numbers these websites have. The next step to be undertaken is what we term as reverse engineering of your competitors’ internet marketing strategy for the purpose of outclassing them in terms of quality and quality of links.
  • Posting valuable comments and feedback on industry-specific blogs with a link back to your website.

LINK BUILDING from high quality and quantity of websites in a natural way is the most important activity in SEO

After employing the use of the various strategies for outbound links building, the next step that we carry out is citation development. We employ a practical approach to claim your website listings on various local directories. These vital online directories include Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing, Citysearch, Angie’s list,
Brown Book, Hotfrog and your service and location specific directories. To be able to build your listings, we upload photos, videos, special offers, etc. and optimize them to be ranked at the top of search engines results pages.

By becoming available on Google My Business, owing to a Google Map, presents one of the best return on investments for your online marketing strategy. By listing or adding you on these top and verified directories in a consistent basis, we are able to increase your online visibility and exposure and when you are ranking in the top 3, there are high chances that you are able to get calls directly from Google My Business results from customers that don’t even need to visit your website. You obviously need a lot of good reviews for customers to call you, which we discuss in more detail in the following steps.

Convert & Optimize

STEP 3: We Take Total Control of Your Current Website

If you happen to have been in business for some time, there are only two possibilities in as far as a website is concerned. Either you have a website that you may have spent a considerable amount of money in building or you
simply do not have one. Regardless of your existing case, we will seize control of the situation. Your website is one of the most important digital assets and keeping it fresh and engaging will help you build your brand online and convert site visitors into actual customers. If you do not have a website, then we are able to deliver you a high-quality one.

We have identified important website conversion elements and will use some of the tactics below and customize it for your sector and location.

If you already have a website, then we are able to modernize and optimize it. In some cases, we change the theme of your website and in others we keep the same theme; but make important changes with the content. We are able to implement best-in-class website conversion elements for the purpose of increasing visitor conversion and converting them into concrete leads. We will develop a custom website conversion strategy for your specific sector.

Step 4: Increase Quality and Quantity of Online Reviews

Many customers today read online reviews before deciding to do business with you. This means that you need to manage these 3rd party platforms such as Google My Business and Yelp. We recommend having at least 50 reviews for our clients, which helps to secure your online brand and protects you from some unwanted negative reviews since its impact will be limited. If you want to reach a high quantity of reviews, it is imperative that you have an automated marketing follow-up and system to request and manage your online reviews. We have subscriptions to multiple tools that we use for our clients that not only initiates the review process, but also performs follow up and aggregates the reviews from these platforms and publishes on your website.

If your employees are working in the field to service customers, you are also able to start review process at whatever time your employees sign in using their mobile devices after arriving to do a job. The testimonial can be published on the various top online review sites including Google, Yelp, etc.

Expand & Repeat

Step 5: Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns

Once the foundation of Seo and conversion elements are in place, Google and Facebook Ads could drive even more traffic to your digital properties, if executed well by an expert. Each Ad market dynamics tend to be different and therefore it becomes difficult to realize the maximum ROI if you do not have the proper knowledge of the keywords and targeting to use for attracting visitors.


Many businesses who use Facebook or Google Ads do not implement remarketing campaigns. Retargeting / remarketing could be more complicated to implement and track; but once it is in place, it has the highest conversion rates for Ad money spent. One of the tactics we use with our client campaigns is retargeting.

Step 6: Social Media Marketing & PR

The importance of using the various social media platforms for promoting your website and business cannot be overstated here. We create and maintain social media
profiles on various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Your different social media platforms can have the important backlinks to your business website. As we are creating different content types and publish them, we share the content across the online platforms and backlink it to your business website.

A good number of Small and Medium businesses do not seem to be knowledgeable about the importance of social media platforms in assisting business growth. If you constantly and efficiently make use of the social media platforms then it becomes possible to expand your customer base and enhance your marketing strategy. A Facebook user has approximately 135 followers and friends on average. When your satisfied customers follow or like you on Facebook, then that means that your brand and name exposure to 135 friends of each of your Facebook friends/fans has been made possible. Your Facebook friends and fans are able to refer your roofing service to their Facebook friends.

We also implement advanced PR strategies such as getting recommendations from local influencers, organizing community events or free talks to educate people interested in topics in your profession. We provide local PR services that benefit your business for building your local brand, increasing awareness and helping with conversion for potential customers.

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