Reputation Management is a must for all companies where your brand is an important customer criterion when choosing a product or service. If you are a commodity company where your brand is not essential but it’s just the lowest price is the determining factor reputation management may not be that important. But if you are a lawyer or a dentist or plastic surgeon or a tech software company, imagine what negative online reviews could do to your business. They could harm your business significantly as negative information about your business could make potential customers to look for other options.

Many customers today are checking online reviews to see if there are any deal-breaker flagrant negative reviews and if the company has 4.5 or higher stars with many reviews before choosing a vendor or a company. For example, if you’re looking for a roofing company in your area, you would google roofing contractor, then read the results that come up, and then you would read the reviews, and if the reviews are excellent and recent, you would be more likely to go with that company.

What are some of the tips for best reputation management for your company?

Build Your Brand by Claiming Multiple 3rd Party Web and Social Media Properties

Get your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar social platform accounts under your business name. For example, if your brand is Pristine Roofing, you should claim all Pristine Roofing user names in these 3rd party websites before anyone else does and have your company information on these pages.

Not only will this have Seo benefits, but it also shows that your brand is present, on, on the website because customers will search for your company’s name and when they do that search.Your online reputation will increase if customers see tens of different website search results under your brand name. Blaze New Media will claim these social property pages for your brand name.

Monitor What They’re Saying About Your Business Online and Respond Effectively

If you’re not aware of what is going online, you are leaving your online reputation at risk. You might have a bad review that’s negatively impacting your online reputation, but you would not be aware of that if you are not closely monitoring and responding to them.

You can sign up for online reputation management tools, which would alert you whenever you get a new review in one of these platforms. And then you need to respond to negative reviews quickly and politely to address the criticism. You can reply from the same online reputation management platform, so all the activities are in one location and streamlined. If you react to bad reviews immediately to resolve the issue, it is very likely that that person is going to remove that negative review.

Use Advanced Seo Techniques to Remove Bad Review Pages

In some cases, the bad review might be on negative review websites such as Ripoff Report. Your bad review will have its URL and page in the search results. In some very competitive niches, your competition might do some fake reviews in all these complaints sites, and no matter what you do to try to address the issues they may not remove it. In that case, you would need to build up your other properties which you’ve built for branding your site in third-party sites or even get new domain names. You would then need to rank all your different properties over that ripoff report page, so the goal would be then to remove the first page rankings in Google that would have a scam or ripoff report associated with you. Ranking all the other nine pages over the Ripoff Report would require professional help by Blaze New Media.

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