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Steps to take for effective online reputation repair

You may have built your brand over time to what it is today without needing any online reputation repair. Then out of the blue, you have an online crisis –a very negative story on your company, product or service, a serious allegation, a customer’s negative review, a financial error, or a run-in with the authorities-erupts.

Here is what you need to do:


Quantify the crisis

Determine the nature, scale and source of the crisis to design an effective online reputation repair strategy to solve it. Assess what is being said about your brand on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Clients will believe and judge you on what they read online.  Determine what you have control over and what is beyond your powers.

Determine the damage

This may be in form of upset clients, reports of failed systems or damaged goods etc going by online nasty customer comments, negative media reports and press conferences by authorities responding to some online story. This will determine the platforms and speed you will use in implementing your online reputation repair program. 

Online reputation repair strategy

Once you determine the nature, scale and source of the crisis, decide whether you will handle the crisis yourself and your team or you will hire an online reputation repair professional to help you. Blaze New Media will help you ]design an online reputation repair strategy or improve/implement the one you have.

Be active online

Be active, informative and objective online to remain at the top in search results as part of your online reputation repair strategy. Update your online platforms with fresh content.

Link with reputable sites

Look out for reputable sites with good rankings and find ways of linking up your brand with them to build your brand image in line with your online reputation repair plan.

Engage your clients

Engage your loyal clients by explaining to them in detail the truth about the crisis and how you are addressing it to gain their trust and support.

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