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How Do We Help Businesses? 

We developed and implemented digital marketing and SEO strategies in many sectors such as local services, home services, medical and healthcare, energy, industrial products, technology, photography and architecture, where search volume and competition are high.

Here’s a selection of case studies from these campaigns. 

Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeon Business site visitors increased 6 times, driven by 27 profitable keywords on the 1st page of Google

  • A cosmetic surgeon in a large city with 3m population asked for our help in his Seo campaign. His previous Seo expert could not rank many of the words we wanted to rank for
  • We achieved top 3 ranks for Google Maps and first page for competitive keywords such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, PRP, cosmetic surgeon for his city
  • A local dentist bought a new domain and we built a new website and started Seo consulting
  • We did our Seo campaign for ten months from May 2016 to January 2017 for this site. Daily traffic reached to 125, increasing during this eight month period.
  • Since Feb 2017, the traffic has been stable even though we completed our Seo campaign
  • We have ranked 5 words in the #1 position for very competitive words

Local Dentist

We built a new site for Local Dentist and drove daily organic traffic of 125 visitors in 6 months 

Solar Panel Company

Solar Panel Co. is a national business, organic visitors reached over 12K per month as a result of our Seo campaign

  • Solar Panel Co is in the business of selling and installing solar panels nationwide
  • We have identified profitable keywords, built site pages to target these words, performed on site Seo and content marketing and link building activities
  • After our Seo campaign, they have reached 12,000 monthly visitors, all from Google organic search
  • We have ranked 8 words in the top 10 for very high search volume and competitive keywords
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